Great Tip from one of the greatest Fitness “gurus” of our time!

boysswimGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8

Run / Bike 10+ minutes


Max Rounds in 10 min- 20 squats, 20 pushups, 20 wlunges, 20 supercrunch

Check out the boys having a big time last summer in our neighborhood pool.  Bring on the spring / summer time baby!

I was reading a magazine today just seeing what kind of good helpful “Health” info I could get up for you.  I ran across an article on Jake Steinfeld.  You probably remember him as the guy with all the “Body by Jake” products.  Here is what the fitness magazine had to say about him in one quote: “Jake Steinfeld may have done more to spread the fitness gospel than any one entity- and he’s hardly finished.”

At the end of the article they gave 6 tips from Jake for “not giving up on your dreams- fitness and otherwise”.  Here is the one that really stuck out to me:

DON’T LET FAILURE STOP YOU!  I know you have heard that a lot, and we have talked about it many times here on  I want you, and me, to think about that for a few minutes.  We all know that anytime we set out to do “Positive” in our health and or any other area of life, we will inevitably face challenges.  And some times, those challenges may seem too tough to overcome.  Guess what though?  They are never too tough to overcome.  We may have to change our plans in some ways, but we dont have to change our GOALS and our EXPECTATIONS.  So take it straight from one of the true Fitness gurus, the “Body by Jake” man himself: DO NOT LET FAILURE STOP YOU!  Realize that you may mess up, and you may get more frustrated than you thought.  Things may get tougher than you first thought.  Some of the people you originally thought were in it with you may fall out.  No matter what happens though, DO NOT QUIT!!  Through Jesus Christ, you have already overcome.  YOU WIN!  AND THAT IS IT!


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