How Samuel Got so durn STRONG!

samueltrainerpicGB DW (daily workout)

20 x squat, pushup shoulder stand, spidercrawl, inch worm

Max DB Swings in 4 min

Check out Samuel!  Samuel started working out with us here at God-Built when he was a either a junior or senior in high school.  He had no background in team sports or strength training.  The one thing he did have was focus and determination.  One thing that I noticed about Samuel pretty quick was that he paid attention to detail, and therefore to Technique / Mechanics.  From the beginning he chose to be “Form Intensive” (as I call it), and this paid off for him big time.  He continued to progress into his college years and we decided to help him get his CrossFit certification and get him on board with us as a trainer.  I knew he wanted to “compete” in these CrossFit competitions and he wanted to help others.  So over time, he became a great trainer for us here at GB!  He now lives in or near Birmingham with his full time job and is still going strong with his performance training. 

One thing we all can learn from Samuel is that he was willing to take the time to “get it right” in terms of PROPER TECHNIQUE as it applied to working out.  And now he is seeing great gains in his strength, Power, and overall Performance.  He is so strong!  And the crazy thing is that since he did not truly start lifting with heavier weights until his college years, he has not even come close yet to his potential in lifting performance.  And because he was willing to put so much time and Focus in the beginning on TECHNIQUE / MECHANICS, he is surpassing anything we would have been able to do had he not been so “Form Intensive” in the beginning. 

I am going through all this for a few reasons:

1. To say Thank You to Samuel for working with us here at God-Built and being such a blessing for many.

2. To give Samuel some “props” for doing so great with his Performance, and to Encourage him to “Stay on it dog’on it!”

3. To use Samuel as a prime example of the Reward for being “Form Intensive” with your workouts.  It pays off big time!

To Samuel, I say THANK YOU!  And for you, let Samuel’s story be a great Encouragement for you!


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