The Power YOU have over your Health! Good News!

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Check out Joshua Paul Striding up the hill in the neighborhood the other day.  He loves to get off and “run” when we ride around the neighborhood on the golf cart.  It is pretty funny because he wants to run, and David Ben only wants to ride!!

I was reading a great article this morning about several “health” issues.  Basically this article is jam packed with some pretty amazing facts and findings from scientific research, and to many this info may be “eye opening”!  There is really no good way for me to sum it all up for you, without it causing you to miss the “meat” of it all, so I am going to simply add the link so you can read it all yourself.  Again this is very good stuff that can really help me and you to see how much power we do have in our health and lives, and how to use that power / authority to steer our health and lives in the right direction.  Please read the article here:

The one thing I do want to leave you with on all this is for the most part we can see all this in His Word.  According to His Word to us, our Words are powerful, our thoughts are powerful, we can and should control our minds, what we think about ourselves and our lives is powerful, and in all of it we have a choice.  And His Word is enough.  IT is the final authority.  And it is good to see how more and more, science is beginning to discover these truths, that HE set up for us from the beginning.  And through His Son, Jesus Christ, we have the power and authority to steer our health and lives in the right direction.  Ye baby! 


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