K.J.’s Controversial Response

wout35GB DWs (daily workouts for your Weekend)

Choose 1-2

1. 15 x squat, pushup, wlunge, leg tucks.

50 x Clean Squat Press (dbs or barbell)

2. Movement Stretches x 8

Max rounds n 7 min: 50 Jumpin Jacks, 25 Situps

Someone emailed me today wanting some advice.  They wanted to know what I would recommend them to do to in order to get back to the relationship they used to have with God.  They said they felt like they were not near as close to HIM as they once were, and felt as if they had “drawn away from Him”.  I know we all “feel” like this sometimes.  And most of the time it is because of the choices we have made, thinking we have done a bunch of “sinning”.  Well I am surely myself still striving to get better, and mostly striving to just understand and “be who I already am in Christ”.  So I am not saying I am the authority on this issue, but here is the response I sent to him:

“First of all concerning your “spiritual” condition:  Know that you are just as close to God as you have ever been.  It does not matter what it feels like, what it looks like, what you have done or not done.  His love and Grace through Jesus is inside of you, and as much and real in you as it ever has been and ever will be.  Think about the prodigal son story that Jesus said God was exactly like that daddy.  The son went out and did all the wrong things, and when he decided to “come home” his dad never mentioned all that “wrong” stuff he did.  His dad was ecstatic, and had a huge celebration, putting his son right back in the same family position he left in, “his son”!  Now the son never lost that position, he just was not operating in the fullness of that position because of some of his choices.  Main thing though is to see that to the father, he wasn’t concerned about the past, he was only concerned with showing his “daddy” love, and helping his son to get back into operating in his given position as a son.  And this is how God is to you.  If it matters what we did (as far as your relationship w/ God), then we are all pretty much hopeless, and our relationship with the Father is a big roller coaster, and that is just not the truth.  So literally, who cares what you did, or what you haven’t done right in the last little while.  God doesn’t care, as far as it concerns your position with him, as his son, his child.  You do not have to “earn back” your rights as a son.  You can not lose them.  And you can not lose your position, your true “righteousness” with him, IN Christ.  If you can lose it because of acts of sin, then we all are losing it every day, then having to “earn” it back, and so on.  That would mean Christ did not do enough at the Cross.  And we both know that aint true! 

You and me both know that yes when we don’t choose to do those “right” things that He wants us to do, then we usually experience lack on this earth.  And God wants us to understand that He wants us to do the “right” things because He knows it will help to produce that “abundant life” on this earth.  And that is a part of what Christ died for.  He does not want us to do the “right” things so we can stay in “righteousness”.  We have HIS Righteousness In Christ, and our actions cant take that away, or add to it.  Just remember, you are a son of the most High God!  You can not lose your position with him.  Yes, you and me both can get to points in our lives where we don’t “feel” as close to God, but make sure you do not put yourself into Condemnation.  This is in no way God!  Condemnation kills.  Condemnation, Guilt, Shame will only keep you from experiencing the true God that is already in you, and living out His best.  BE CONFIDENT in the Truth that you are a son of God, and that no matter what, you have “right standing” with HIM!”

Now I know this may be CONTROVERSIAL.  I know that not all agree with what I told him.  To me though, this is Truth that HE loves us no matter what and the more we focus on what we did and or are doing wrong, then the less we can “SEE” who we really are IN Christ!  Yes I know that “sin” or doing the wrong things (whatever that is to you i guess) does not produce God’s best in our lives.  At the same time though, “sin” can not cause us to lose our Righteousness.  Like I said in the response to my friend, if that were the case then we are all in trouble! 

I encourage you to look to HIS Goodness.  I believe the more you see and focus on the Truth that HE loves you no matter what, and that you cant loose or earn Righteousness (that is freely given by Jesus Christ), then the more that literally FREES you up and makes you want to do “the right things”.  If you keep trying to “not sin” then you will eventually end up doing that very thing that you are so hard trying not to do.  The Word says that “It is the law that gives sin its strength”.  So stay out of law.  Live in Grace.  That is what you have anyway thru Christ, so you might as well choose to live in that reality.  And yes we all still have choices everyday to make concerning every area of our lives.  I just believe with all my heart, that the more you focus on HIS Love and His Grace, the more you will WANT to do good and whatever those “right” things are for you to do.  Nuff said1


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