Youth GAME SHAPE Summer Camps Coming Up!!

gameshape2012GB DW (daily workout)

3 rounds of 20 x SuperCrunch, Superman (pushup position, or from knees), Bridge

50 x all: PowerClean, Pushup Row (50 rt, lft)

This is a pic from one of our GAME SHAPE Youth Summer Camps 2-3 years ago.  We always have great summer camps!  And yes the camps are for boys and girls. 

This summer we will have 2, and possibly 3 camps.  If you are interested in getting your kids involved, and or know other parents who may be interested please have them contact us.  We will announce the dates later this week.  As of now, we are planning on having 1 camp in June and 1 in July.  Each camp will go from a Monday through Thursday, 9-12am. 

We will work on overall Fitness improvements including: Core Strength, Power, Agility, Coordination, and Conditioning.  We also take time every day to teach the kids “WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST” and “THE LOVE OF GOD“!  These are great camps and we will have a blast with the kids.  It is a great way for kids to do something fun and different during summer break.


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