Use this SUMMER as a tool to PROGRESS!

athletesprintGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 11

6 min Run/Jrope/bike/ Row

Check out “big Murph”!  We talked about Murphy a couple of times last year.  He trained with us last summer, getting ready for his first year of college football.  He worked his butt off, and reaped great rewards for all his consistent Effort!  I was thinking about him today because I just recently got the great news that he will be back in here with us for the summer again!!  Ye baby!

During the summers we usually get the opportunity to work with more athletes and spend more focused time with them.  And I love that because we get to see some major improvements with the athletes.  So I am excited about Murph, and also all of our other athletes we will have the great blessing to work with this summer.

Find something to get excited about.  Make this summer a summer of PROGRESS in your health and life.  It is a great span of time to set some goals and go after them.  Get on it dog’on it!



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