KJ’s Beach Diet! Gettin’ Ready Baby!

lunch16GB DW (daily workout)

7+ Min Run / JRope / Bike

Here is a great example of a pretty good quality Meal in the pic: Turkey meat, green mix, fresh tomatoes, strawberries, little vinagraitte dressing.  This is easy and pretty durn healthy.

Over the last week or so I have been paying more close attention to my “diet”.  And yes it has a lot to do with the fact that we will soon be going to the BEACH for vacation!  I am in no way perfect or even close with my own Nutrition, but I do eat pretty good overall.  And now I am “cleaning up” my Diet even more over a 3 week period in order to drop some Bodyfat.  Here are some of the meals and tips I use during anytime I am focusing on dropping more Bodyfat:

Cut back on grains– I keep my grain intake limited on a regular basis, as I just feel better when I do.  During this time I will cut back on any breads, pastas, rices, cereals and keep them pretty limited, especially the last week.

Cut out dairy– I always recommend Organic, Whole dairy if you are going to eat dairy products.  My experience is that it helps in bodyfat loss if I cut way back and or totally cut it out for a short time. 

Up my Protein and Fat intake– One thing for me during times like this is I have to be careful to keep my food intake up, or I will lose muscle along with some bodyfat.  So I have to make a good effort to up the protein and fat through foods like: Protein shakes, eggs, meat, avocadoes, nuts & seeds

Up my Workout Intensity!- This is not a “diet” issue, but just know that in most cases, if not all, when you UP your workout Intensity and couple that with improved Nutrition, you will see Improvements in health.  And one of those improvements almost always is bodyfat loss!!


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