Do like the kids, and Get Results!

wout61GB DW

Movement Stretches x 8

1 Minute Run

10 Rds of: 50/100 yd Sprint, 15/20 Pushups

This is another cool pic of one of our GB athletes doing some Sled Pulls.  I love using Sled Pulls to teach our athletes to “Push Through the Ground” with Maximum Force!  And as we tell all our “speed/Power” Sport athletes: Training the body to “push through the ground” with Maximum Force will INCREASE their Speed!  Ye baby!

Here at God-Built we have been blessed to work with many athletes over the years.  I started training athletes for sports performance improvements back in 1996!  And each summer we usually get a new crop of athletes in wanting to take the time and effort to improve their overall sports performance, but mostly their “SPEED”.  This year, over the last 2 weeks, I have been blessed again with a whole bunch of calls wanting us to work with their kids this summer on some level for speed and agility.  So I am excited because we will be “GETTIN’ ON IT DOG’ON IT” all summer helping these kids to get better. 

I am saying all this for several reasons. 

#1 I just wanted to share with you how blessed we have been, and are! 

#2 I want to remind you of the fact that you can use this “summer time” as a short period of time like our athletes do to really focus in on getting Results

#3 To let you know that we can help you, and or your young athletes to get some great RESULTS. 


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