Powerfu Tool for health and life!

boyskubotaGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

50r,50l Pushup Rows for Fastest Time

Check this pic of me and my boys from several years ago.  I love my little buddies, and they are awesome powerful young warriors for HIS Kingdom!

You know we talk a lot about the power of our words here at God-Built.  We believe, according to The Word, that our words are very powerful, therefore we work at literally taking control of our tongues and use that powerful tool as a mighty weapon to speak life giving words over ourselves, and others.  Of course none of us are perfect, and at the same time we all can make the decision to consistently work at it.

Remember this important health and life key: THERE IS LIFE AND DEATH IN THE POWER OF YOUR TONGUE.  Use your words to speak and produce life, not death, into your health and life.  It is real.  Take it as truth, because HE said so, and GET ON IT DOG’ON IT!



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