GET EXCITED! Even if you have to look hard.

rainbowdbGB DW (daily workout)

15 x squat, pushup, supercrunch

Max Rds in 5 min- 6/11 Burpees, 11 XCrunch (r,l=1)

Now, to me, this is one of the coolest pictures I have ever posted on  We saw a rainbow out of our front yard the other day and we all ran out to see it.  And David Ben found some kind of bug in the whole mix.  Good stuff! 

It was neat to see how excited all of us got, me, LeAnne, and both boys, to run outside and see the rainbow.  And to GET EXCITED is a great thing.  We all deal with challenges in our lives.  Some of those challenges are not too tuff, and some are just much harder to deal with.  Either way though, we know that through HIM we are MORE THAN CONQUERORS.  And in the midst of our living out life, we have to find ways to GET EXCITED.  Just like with the rainbow the other day.  When me and David Ben first saw the rainbow, I got excited and my first thought was to holler for LeAnne and Joshua Paul to run out and see it because surely they would get excited too.  Then my next instant thought was: Well they might be busy and or they may not get too excited about it.  Why should I bother them, expecially if they “might” damper my Excitement by there non-Excitement.  And then I thought to myself: just share it with them, because it is an opportunity for us all as a family to get Excited about something.  (Yea I know this is a whole lot of “thinking” going on here.) Anyway, as you already know, we all got really excited.  And even though yes I know this may not seem like a big deal, to me it was. 

All this to say GET EXCITED about something.  And yes sometimes you might have to really do some work to come up with something to GET EXCITED about, but it is well worth it.  And like anything else, the more often you make yourself find something to GET EXCITED about, the easier it will become to stay Excited!!  (**Remember this: It is hard to stay stressed out and worried when you are EXCITED!)



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