Blessed to live in the great USA

daddynboystubeGB DW

Choose 1-2 for your awesome MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND!

1. Walk / Run / Bike 15+ min

2. 20 x squat, pushup, supercrunch.  Then for Fastest Time 30 Clean Squat Press w dbs or bb.

This is a pic of me and the boys getting ready for some “tubing” on the lake 1-2 years ago.  We love to be out on the water!  And I thought this was a pretty appropriate pic to get us ready for celebrating this awesome Memorial Day Weekend.

Have a wonderful MEMORIAL DAY WEEKENDChoose to remember those who did and do Choose to serve our great country, THE USA!  We are so blessed to live in a blessed and covered country like the great USA.  And we are blessed to have men and women who are willing to commit their lives to protecting and supporting our FREEDOM!  So be Thankful for them, and be Thankful to the ONE above who has blessed you to live in this great country.


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