Thats a Big ole “But”!

wout63GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

Max Reps in 1 Minute for each Exercise.  Rest 30 seconds between Exercises: Walkn Lunge, Pushup Leg Tucks, XCrunch, Burpees

Check out 3 of our GB athletes doing some WALL RUNS this morning here at GB!  2 are college football players, and the other is a high school tennis player.  These guys have seen a lot of success in their athletic careers, and they will continue to experience even more success going forward.

Now these 3 young men didnt just “fall under a lucky star”.  Yes first and foremost their talent, ability to work hard, and determination come from God almighty.  And over the years they have chosen to apply these GIFTS from God and are really reaping the benefits now. 

Just like these athletes, we too have been “gifted” by God, through Jesus Christ.  We have been made OVERCOMERS in every area of our lives.  Yes we all experience adversity, we all struggle sometimes, and sometimes things take longer than we want.  At the same time though, we all, as His children, have been empowered to prosper in our health and lives, even in the face of adversityWe dont have to just take “what comes our way”.  If these 3 athletes I mentioned earlier would have done that, they would in no way be experiencing the level of success they have, and the success that they will experience.  Yes we have a RIGHT to prosper in our health and lives, but…… (and that is a big ole “but”) we never will get to see this Right in our lives if we dont choose to walk in FAITH (CONFIDENCE, EXPECTATION), and choose to do the works on our part. 

The “works” here that I am talking about is not the most important, even though yes without these “works” we dont get the cake, at least not on this earth.  The main part in this whole deal is FAITH.  We are justified by our Faith, and without “works”, our Faith is dead.  See like we have said many times over, when we truly have Faith in something, we prove it by our works, or our actions.  If you truly believe God made you to prosper in your health, then your works (Actions) will show it.  If you believe He made you to be Healthy, and no matter what it may look like now, then you will eat healthy, and you will choose to be active.  Healthy people control their food, and they choose to be active for the most part.  So as you choose to Believe who you are In Christ, you begin to SEE yourself that way, then you start to act that way.  And even though things may not “look” a certain way in your health, as you choose to walk in Faith, and “act” out what you truly believe, then your body starts to follow and respond to your Faith and works.



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