GB Trainer in Phillipines! #1 Principle for Success

angelmissiontripGB DW

2 Min JRope, 1 Min High Knees, 1 Min Pushup Shoulder Stand, 2 Min JRope

Check out this awesome pic from The Phillipines!  That is Angel, one of our awesome GB Trainers, there in the background “coaching” these kids.  She and her husband are on a Mission trip spreading The Gospel, the “almost too Good to be True” news!  What an inspiration it is to see people like Angel stepping out on faith for Him.  You go Angel!

You know, it is the “LOVE / Goodness of God that compels people to do Good”.  When we try to do Good because we think we have to, our good actions are usually short lived.  And yes sometimes to do things out of a “law” mindset can have its benefits.  Like with my boys, I know that there are many things that they are not going to do just because they know “daddy said so, and daddy Loves me, so it must be for my best”.  Now my Expectation is that one day they will grow into this understanding and therefore follow with their actions.  In the meantime though I have to incorporate some law into the mix.  And so it is with us.  If you have to start off doing the “right things” because you think you have to, then fine.  The whole time though your goal should be to literally “RENEW your Mind” to the point that you believe what is already in you through Jesus Christ: That you dont have to, you get to.  And God’s Love, His Grace, is so big and ultimate for you, you understand more and more that His Love is really all that matters.  And His Love allows you to SEE that He has nothing but His Best for you.  And His Love, as you focus on it, brings out from inside you nothing but more and more of His Best.  So then “doing the right things” becomes over time more of a thing you do because you know He Loves you and you want to do it.  And this is when it “Sticks”, and it becomes pure habit. 

Over the years, going on 19 years now, that I have been health and life coaching, I have found it more and more to be true that the most important thing to focus on for seeing improvements in my health and every other area of life is simply to FOCUS ON HIS LOVE FOR ME!  There are other pieces to the puzzle, or equation, for health and life success, but to focus on HIS Love for me personally is by far the most important.  It is my and your foundation for health and life success.  And without this foundation, all our efforts are likely to fail over and over.  Through Jesus Christ though, we already won, so we dont have to fear failure.  Instead we focus on the WIN we already have in our health, and every other area of our lives!  Ye baby!


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