The #1 Principle to Improve your Health!

boysbeach2015GB DW (daily workout)

2 rounds x 11 squats, 11 pushups, 11 situps

Max Burpees n 7 minutes

Check out the boys in one of our sand castles we built during our beach vacation a couple of weeks ago.  We love building sand castles! 

You know out of all the things you can do to impove your health I believe probably the most important one is to “walk / live in the Peace of God.”  To know, and live in the Peace of God will literally bring “peace” in your heart, mind, and your physical body.  Stress / doubt / worry / fear / Condemnation are all the opposite of Peace.  And these are the biggest “health stealers” known to man. 

So remember yes it is important to MOVE, and to CONTROL YOUR NUTRITION, but First and Foremost, focus every day on walking and living in the Peace of God.  *Let me give you a clue on the most effective way to do this: Focus more and more on how much He does love you personally!  This truth as it is revealed to you more and more by the Holy Spirit inside you, is what will cause you to walk out and live out His Peace that is already inside you.  And as His Peace inside you becomes more and more of your reality, it will cause actual mental and physical health improvements (especially if you expect it to)!!


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