How he lost lot of weight in short time!

wout65GB DW (daily workout)

3-6 rds for Best Time: Run 1 Min, Walking Lunges 30 sec.

Check out some of our young GB Athletes doing some POWER HOPS during our summer sports performance workouts.  They are “Gettin on it dog’on it!”  We are so blessed to be able to work with so many athletes this summer.  They represent many different sports, but they all have one common goal: TO IMPROVE!

 I had a conversation with a friend today about his diet.  He has been doing very good for a couple of months and lost a good bit of weight.  He has hit somewhat of a sticking point and we are looking at helping him to make some adjustments to ramp things back up.  The things I want you to see though are the basic steps he took that have gotten him such good results in really what I would consider a short amount of time.  Here are the few basic things he has done that got him results:

  • Cut out all soft drinks.  ONLY drinks water and coffee.
  • Cut way back (believe he said totally cut out) on grains
  • Eats a lot of veggies.  And “juices” often.
  • Walks a lot

Now take a look at that short list again.  All that is really pretty simple, basic, and yet very powerful for producing results.  So if you are wanting, and or trying, to lose weight / bodyfat, don’t make it so complicated.  Do the simple things, just like the list above, and expect results.  Sometimes yes it takes longer, but remember, you true goal is to improve your health, and the improved “looks” come even if it does take longer than first hoped.  Ye baby1


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