Use the Potty, and dont forget to FLUSH!

pottyGB DW (daily workout)

12 x squat, pushup, situp, walkn lunge

25/50 rt arm, 25/50 lft arm overhead walkn lunge

Check out this “POTTY” I saw today sitting outside a building here in Carrollton.  Actually, this is something my mother in law (better known as NANA) came up with this and she uses it during her “Walking Club” sessions.  I think she actually calls it the “Merry Heart Walking Club”.  Anyway it is pretty cool all that they do.  They get together and walk, then afterwards do some kind of hot foot baths and watch a Christian comedian on video.  There is a lot to it, and this “POTTY” in the pic is a big part of the whole thing.  She knows the importance of literally getting rid of negative Words, thoughts, and actions.  So she came up with the idea of using the “Potty” as a symbol to have the members literally “flush” that junk out before they even walk in the doors!  I love it.

A great point that is emphasized on the “potty” can be noticed on the bottom of it: “Remember to always Flush.”  Now that is great.  It is great because the point is that it is not only important to literally and figuratively “dump” negative words, thoughts, and actions, but also it is important to make sure and FLUSH them down the drain.  Otherwise if you dont Flush them, they will hang around and show back up!!  The best way to Flush them is to REPLACE them with the Right Words and Thoughts, and actions.  Replace the wrong thoughts and words with HIS Thoughts and His Words.  His Thoughts and His Words are always full of goodness, kindness, love, Expectation, Joy, Peace, and Confidence!  So take a lesson from NANA, and “dump” all those negative thoughts, words, and actions down the potty, and DONT FORGET TO FLUSH!!



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