The Power to Keep On Keeping ON!

jpboxjumpGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

Max Reps in 2 minutes for each Exercise: DB Swing, JRope, Leg Tucks.  Rest 30 seconds between exercises

Check out Joshua Paul doing some Box Jumps here at GB.  I think I have posted this pic up before, and just wanted to post it up again just because I think it is pretty cool.

One of my buddies sends out some daily scriptures, and I try to read them every day.  And of course they all are very good.  Sometimes, there is a sort of devotion or thought at the end of the email he sends out.  The author made a great statement that I thought may help you.  I know it stuck out to me a whole bunch, and I will rehearse it to myself over and over. Basically here is the statement: God does not want you to worry about or focus on being perfect.  He wants you to focus on being persistent.  Wow!  That is an eye opening statement. 

This statement goes right along with one of the topics we talk about often here on “Forget about the past and press on towards the goal.”  Many times when we are striving to take control of our health, we do “good” for a time, then we “mess up”.  And then we tend to focus on that “mess up”, and forget about all the “good” we have done.  As far as the mess ups: WHO CARES!  Get over it.  For example, you have been doing very good on your new “diet” and or Exercise program for a 7 days now.  Then on the weekend you end up overeating for a whole day, or say 3 meals.  Now the most common thought, is “oh well I sure blew it now.  I wasnt strong enough to stick it out.”  NO.  NO.  No absolutely not true.  If you did good for a week, at 3 meals a day, that equals 21 meals you did good at.  So why in the world are you focused on the 3 “not so good” meals?!  I know sometimes it is because we have a perception that those 1-3 “bad” meals negates all the hard work of those many “good” meals.  That is absolutely wrong, and a lie.  The majority of the harm comes from you believing that it negated all your good efforts.  Those  thoughts will directly promote poor physiological reactions in your body, but of course the main thing is that those thoughts will drive you to make a very poor decision to give up.  And this is all based on a lie!!  

Now all of this goes back to the direction from my buddy’s scripture and inspirational email: DONT WORRY ABOUT TRYING TO BE PERFECT.  GOD WANTS YOU TO FOCUS ON BEING PERSISTENT.  Who cares if you mess up.  You should never ever expect to mess up, and at the same time dont “sweat it” if you do mess up.  It does not matter, particularly once it is done.  If you can learn from it, then do so.  And from there, forget it, and go on being Persistent.  To be Persistent you must have Faith.  And remember, Faith is CONFIDENT EXPECTATION.  Confident Expectation literally and completely believes that the goal will be accomplished.  In actuality, Confident Expectation believes that the victory is already won, and the prize is already given.  This gives the power to keep on keeping on no matter what the circumstances look like.  GET ON IT DOG’ON IT1


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