When does EXERCISING get EASY!!

wout69GB DW (daily workout)

100 / 200 Jumping Jacks

50 / 100 Squats

This is a great pic of one of our GB Athletes doing some Snatches!  I got several good pics of our GB Athletes this morning and will share more of them with you later.  These kids work very hard, and we have a lot of fun with them.  And yes I know that for them it probably does not seem like a whole lot of fun during the workout, but they really enjoy THE RESULTS they get from all there Consistent hard work!

Speaking of FUN and workouts, many people have a very wrong understanding of quality Exercise and Nutrition.  Many people ask me concerning Exercise: KJ, when is it going to get easy?  My response is: Well I have been Exercising since I was 13, so going on almost 30 years now, and it is still not easy for me. 

“Doing the right / Correct things” usually doesnt get Easy, it just becomes what you do.  And the biggest reason why you keep doing it is because you learn how to correctly “see” those new actions.  As long as you “see” your new and correct actions as Hard and burdensome, then that is exactly what they will be and usually they will become harder and more burdensome over time.  You have to totally change the way you think about the correct actions, and the way you “SEE” them.  Your perception is your reality. 

So instead of looking for that “magic” moment when everything is just going to be easy and or a “bed of roses”, know that doing the right things will probably never get easy.  At the same time though, it does not have to be sooooo hard!  It is just what you do.  You dont care if it is hard.  You dont care that it will never get easy.  You are not looking for easy.  You are looking for EFFECTIVE and Life Producing.  That is just who you are.  Ye baby!




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