Take what is Right IN Front of You! That is Enuff!

reidonstageGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

For 7+ min: Run / JRope / Bike / Swin / Row (choose 1 or any combination for the 7+ min)

Check out Reid in the pic.  Reid has worked out with us here at God-Built for several years now.  This pic is from Saturday night at the amp here in Carrollton.  Reid is a music star!  He sings and plays at church, at school, and at different events.  Heck he even has a music video out.  Check it out on youtube: just search Reid Morris and the name of the song is “sweet georgia pines”.  I just watched it again.  Dang its pretty sweet!!

You know, Reid has always impressed me first and foremost as a very respectful young man.  Also, he has impressed me with his heart and determination.  Since he first started working out with us here at GB several years ago, he never was much into sports.  He was not as athletic compared to the other young athletes he was working out with either.  And I know for sure he did not like a lot of the drills we did either, but that did not stop him from doing his best.  It was actually pretty durn amazing to see how much progress he made in his actual overall athletic movment, strength, and endurance over time.  His goal was not to be able to perform better on any kind of athletic arena, he just wanted to improve his overall strength and health.  And the only groups we had his age for him to join was the “athlete groups”.  So he joined in and did his best.  And because he chose to do his best, Consistently, he saw the great improvements.

My point with all this is that all of us get caught in situations like Reid did concerning our health.  He did not find that “perfect fit” program for what he was looking for, but he did find something he could do.  He did it at his best ability, he stuck to it consistently, and he got very good results.  So this is what we have to do.  We can not wait the “perfect fit” program.  We have to take what is right in front of us and make it work.  And i could go on but I think that sums it up!  **(and dont forget to check out Reid’s music video on youtube)


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