Mind over Matter: Does it really work?

wout74GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

Max Pullups / DB Pushup Rows in 5 minutes

This is a good pic of 2 GB Athletes doing some sprints, or as we call them “Power Sprints”.  We call them “Power Sprints” because we want our athletes concentrating on putting Maximum FORCE / POWER through the ground with each step.  And in return they end up running faster!  Cool stuff huh?!

As with our Speed Training, here at God-Built we believe that the “Mind” is a powerful thing in all our training whether it is for increased speed, fat loss, or any other health goal.  At the same time though, it is not all about “mind over matter”.  There is some truth to this old saying though, so we choose to look into what HE has to say about it and take it as HE says to. 

HE tells us in HIS WORD to us and for us, that we are to “RENEW OUR MINDS”, and to “REPENT”.  Now the first one there, “to renew our minds”, is pretty much self explanatory.  And this “renewing of our mind” comes from training our mind to know, believe, and think according to who the Word says we are IN Christ Jesus.  The second one though, to “Repent”, is misused very often.  The actually meaning in the New Testament for this word “Repent” is “to Change the way you think”!  Wow, make sure and read that again: To Repent means to change the way you think.  And to change the way you think, you have to make sure and “RENEW YOUR MIND”.

In order to walk out HIS Best for your health you are going to have to choose to literally take control of your mind by:

1. Repenting – changing the way you think

2. Renewing your mind – making your mind think the way HE thinks about you!

God gave you a powerful health and life tool: YOUR MIND.  It is your job to believe this and take it as yours.  Then you choose to make your mind think according to HIS Best for you.  And this is when your “mind power” benefits you the most, for His Best health and life, for you!


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