GET WHERE YOU FIT, and improve your Health.

wout75GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

5-7 rds for Fastest Time: 7r,7l Alt. Overhead DB Press, 14 Squats

Check out Johsua Paul doing some Alternating Overhead DB Presses here at God-Built the other day.  He and David Ben love to “play” up here at GB and he just grabbed some dbs and went to work doing his own thing!  Ye baby!

You know with EXERCISE the most important thing is simply to GET MOVING and STAY ACTIVE.  You dont have to join a gym.  You dont have to buy the “super abs, ripped buns” workout program either.  You really dont have to follow any type of “routine” or even have a routine of any specific kind.  The main thing is to CHOOSE to be Active, and stay active most days.  Now for most people though, they need some kind of “routine” or “order” to follow.  If you are this type of person, then that is quite alright.  Honestly, most people fit into this category.  So like the old saying “Get where you Fit”! 

If you need order and structure in order to Stay Active, then do it.  Join a gym.  Find a friend or group of friends to walk/run together.  Do whatever it takes to get the structure you need that will guide you and help you stay accountable to GETTING AND STAYING ACTIVE!  Get where you Fit baby!


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