The perfect time to Enjoy The Journey!

boysrivertrip2010 053GB DW (daily workout)

Jog for 3 Min, JRope for 2 Min, Jog for 3 Min

This is a favorite pic of mine!  This is from a while back when me and some friends took a few high school kids on a canoeing and camping trip as a graduation gift.  Super Cool stuff right there!

This picture brings back some great memories from that trip we took a while back.  It helps remind me the importance of ENJOYING THE JOURNEY.  We get so caught up in just trying to “survive” or “get through” today that we forget to ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  We lie to ourselves and say: “Well, tomorrow I will take the time to make some great memories”.  And as we all know, “tomorrow” many times never comes.  I have to be careful of this just as much as anyone.  Part of being in great health is being able “make great memories”, and actually making the time to do so.  If you and me are not on purpose taking time to literally ENJOY THE JOURNEY, then most likely we are living in some serious stress.  And stress literally kills and destroys. 

Make an effort everyday to do something to make good memories, and or to build towards do something positive and or out of the ordinary.  Choose to find a way to walk away from stress, and to walk in HIS Peace that He has already given you, through His awesome Son Jesus Christ!


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