Advice for Achieving your Health Goals.

jeepcj7yellowGB DW (daily workout)

14 x Squat, Pushup, Situp

Max Reps in 1 min of each (20 seconds rest between exercises): Squat Jumps, Pushup Shoulder stand, XCrunch, Burpee

In the pic is one of my latest “cj” projects.  This is an 1982 CJ7 original Laredo.  This “project” has been going on now for over a year.  There has been frustration, doubt, alterations, excitement, and much energy expended all during the process.  And it is looking at and “SEEING” pictures like this that help to keep me motivated to FINISHING THE GOAL. 

As you have heard me talk about several times before here on, these jeep cj projects I get into are a lot like any other project we take on in life, such as setting a Goal to improve our health.  There is always going to be that initial upfront Excitement where your emotions are running high.  You see where you are at and even if it is a long ways out from where you want to be it is not that big of a deal because you have that picture in sight of what you want.  And deep down you know you have what it takes inside to accomplish your goal.  So you get started!  After a while when things dont go exactly as planned, you get tired, frustrated, and start doubting.  But as with any project or health “goal” you have to keep on.  You have to realize that distractions, challenges, and “circumstances” happen.  It is not that you ever should expect that “bad things” are going to happen, at the same time though you realize that you can not control everything.  The things you can control though are your attitude, your Faith (confident Expectation no matter what), your thoughts, your words, and your actions! 

My advice to you is the same advice I have given to myself during this Jeep CJ project of mine (i actually have another cj project going at this same time!) is this:

1. Keep Going

2. When you hit a stall point or a point where you have to make a change, DO IT AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN.  If you wait you risk getting into a “waiting” mode that will have its own tendancy to linger around!

3. Keep putting pictures in front of you of your End Result desired. This can be images you put up in your mind, and or actual pictures like the one I posted up of my progress on the CJ for my own motivation.

4. Set your mind that you will NEVER EVER GIVE UP until you achieve your desired results, no matter how long it takes!

5. Keep Thanking God for allowing you the ability and the “staying power” to FINISH AND ACCOMPLISH YOUR GOAL!


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