Double Cheeseburger, fries, Large Shake!

dinner16GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

7 Min Ascending 1,2,3,4,5,….  Squats, Pushup Leg Tucks  *Perform 1 squat, 1 pushup legtuck.  Then 2 reps of each, and so on going as far as you can in 7 minutes.

Check out my awesome, delicious, and not “common” meal from a local burger joint this weekend!  This was actually from Saturday evening, I had done a pretty Intense Workout and was in the mood for a big ole juicy burger and shake.  So, I did! 

Now notice above one of the descriptions of the meal was “not common”.  This type of meal is not a common meal for me.  I usually do eat pretty healthy, and at the same time if I want a meal like this, I many times will partake!  Here is a list of some of the things I partake in for my diet.  This may or may not suprise you:  Ice Cream (just had one today with the boys after their camp!); Milk shakes; Snickers bar; fried chicken; french fries; and plenty of other foods that probably are not so healthy.  Now in light of all this, check out these key points in regards to health as I see it and live it:

To control Food is the #1 thing.  I will not allow Food to control me. 

I do NOT fret over food.  To live and “diet” in fear, always worried about what you are eating is not how to live.  And this worry / fear will do great harm mentally and physically in your body.

I eat what I want to!! Most of the time what I want to eat is “healthy” for my body.  There are times when I may crave something and I know it is not “needed” in my body so i dont eat it.  And there are times when I do eat things like the meal in the above pic.

There are times I can tell my body needs more calories.  I literally can tell this.  Now yes a lot of it has to do with the High Intensity workouts I do.  So i eat bigger than normal.  And during these times I may eat more of the foods that I normally would not eat.  I am watchful though.

I listen to my body, but at the same time I do not let it LEAD me!  Your body will LIE to you if you dont keep it in check. 

I get STRICT with my diet on occasion.  For different reasons I will get strict on my diet for short phases like a week or 2-3 weeks.  It may be just because I want to make quick improvements in the way I look, or it may be to help keep my body in check and just to make better overall Health improvements.

I hope this helps you in some way concerning Food, Your Diet, and your Health.  Food is an important resource for Health.  It will either hurt you or help you in your endeavors to Improve your Health.  And in the process of you using it to help Improve your health, make sure you do not let it become LAW, and you do not let it take over your life!


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