You Do Not HAVE TO, You GET TO!

wout79GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

4 rds for Fastest Time:  25 Pushups, 10 Power Cleans

Here are 5 awesome young men, GB Athletes, doing some High Intensity work here at GB this week.  These young men have worked hard all summer and it is paying off.  Great job and Congratulations to all our GB Athletes for doing such a great job and accomplishing so much this summer, 2015!

I talk a lot to our young athletes about God’s Love for them.  And it is God’s Love that me and you should focus on more and more.  As we focus more on His Love and with Him helping us to understand more and more His Love to us personally, the more we understand just who we are In HIM!  The more we understand just who we are In HIM, the more we know our Rights, Authority, and Responsibility in our own health and lives.  As we understand this more, we are COMPELLED to take control of our health and lives. **(IT IS THE GOODNESS OF GOD THAT COMPELS MEN TO REPENTANCE (repentance means to “change the way you think)) And this “Compelling” is not out of a “have to” but out of a “get to”!  My boys ask me all the time, “Dad do I have to?”.  And my response many times is, “No son you do not have to, you get to”.  And of course most of the time this does not make them more happy to do it, but I am trying to make a point to them. 

So in your own health and life, look at “taking control of your health” as: NO I DONT HAVE TO.  I GET TO!  And remember #1 that He Loves You.  And He loved you so much that HE allowed His only Son to be your substitute and to make a way that you can and do have direct relationship with HIM.  And because of that relationship, you have power and authority in your own health and your life.  No everything will not be perfect.  Yes you have and you will face challenges.  Life is not always fun.  Doing the right things is not always fun.  And you never get to the point to where “it is easy”.  And in all that the truth is that you have been empowered by God Himself, through Christ Jesus to overcome in your health and your life.  Expect it today.  His miracle working power is in you already.  Everything you need to take control of your health is already inside you.  Begin to focus on and Know HIS great love for you, recieve it as yours, and act on it.  Knowing that no you dont have to, YOU GET TO!



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