Expect to Improve, and Enjoy where you are at!

scramblerGB DW (daily workout)

20 x squats, pushups, lunges, supercrunch

50r, 50l DB Pushup Rows

Check out the “Rambler” as I call it.  This is my 81 CJ Scrambler.  This is another jeep cj project that I have been working on for a while now and is very close to being done.  I got a lot of work done on it this weekend and decided to go for a ride right before dark.  Cool stuff.

I was talking with a young man this morning that is in his senior year of high school.  I was telling him to make sure and “Enjoy the Journey”, and dont be in such a rush to graduate.  And I went on to tell him how if he does not make an effort to enjoy his journey where he IS AT IN HIS LIFE NOW, he will likely look back and regret it. 

Now many times we hear people telling kids that they better enjoy highschool and college because those will be the best years of their lives.  And then they go on to share how they wish they could go back to those years.  Well, I agree that those years can be some of the best years, and should be, as long as you choose to make them great.  But for me, right now is the best TIME of my life! 

I have made plenty of mistakes, and I still have to remind myself to ENJOY THE JOURNEY.  Many times I am “just trying to get through the day or the week”.  And of course that is not the best, but it is fact.  So I in no way have this “life” thing all figured out, but I am working on it baby!  And yes I did enjoy high school and college.  And at the same time, yes I did get in way too much of a hurry through those years.  For me though, I would in no way want to go back to any previous years.  I love right where I am.  And at the same time, I do look forward to and EXPECT that my future days and years are going to be even better. 

All this is to say that every stage of our lives should be progress.  Yes many times progress is tuff, and many times progress may not “look like” progress.  But like The Word says, In due Season, if we dont give up and will Keep Expecting, we will see the fruits of our labors.  And it is this Expectation that if we keep it in the forefront, we will STAY EXCITED.  We will be able to ENJOY THE JOURNEY! 

So STAY EXCITED!  ENJOY THE JOURNEY!  Dont be in such a hurry to get to the next stage of your life, and at the same time definitely Expect to keep improving!  Ye baby!

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