After school Youth Fitness (& Life) Program

gameshapewoutGB DW (daily workout)

15 x squat, pushup, situp, wlunge

4 rds for Best time:  19 DB Swings, 19 Situps, 19 Leg Tucks

This is a picture from one of our Game Shape youth workouts.  We will be starting back our afterschool workouts for the youth this week, Tuesday 4:00! 

Here are some of the things we strive to do during all our Game Shape programs / camps:

Teach kids who they are In Chirst– We teach them that God loves them no matter what.  And because He loves them, through HIS SON Jesus, they have been empowered to CONQUER in this life.

Teach kids simple & powerful life principles– honor, respect, obey parents, being “givers”

Teach kids good Exercise principles– we teach the kids how to “correctly” perform basic bodyweight movements and speed drills.  **We strive to create an understanding of the need to “Exericise” and keep the body moving throughout their entire life.  We want to help make “Movement/Exericse” just a part of what they do in their lives now and going forward!

Teach kids Basic Nutrition principles– we teach the kids to not let Food control them, and help them to understand that they “get to” use Food to help them operate at a high level mentally and physically.

Teach the kids to have Fun and be a great Team Member– we strive to let the kids see that they can work hard and have Fun all at the same time.  Also, we encourage them to work as a Team and to see all the other kids as part of their Team.

We are blessed to get to work with many kids here at God-Built.  Our goal, as with all our programs, is not just to help kids to “Exercise” but to help develop the kids Spirit, Soul, and Body.  Then we believe they will have more opportunity to walk out God’s best in their health and lives.  Ye baby!


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