Do NOT just accept getting Older means Fitness drops!

dickmariantGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 11

50 Squats

50r, 50l DB Pushup Rows

Check out DT & MT getting on it dog’on it!  These 2 have been working out with us for many years now.  I wont say their age, but lets just say they are over 50, and they are still in great shape.  Many people their age are not committed to staying in good physical shape.  DT & MT are great proof that even at an “older” age you can still gain and or maintain a good quality level of fitness.  Keep it up DT & MT!!

Remember you dont have to just “accept” getting older means you have to be “less” fit!  Yes as we get older it may be tougher to do certain physical things, it may take a little longer to recover, it may take a little longer to see gains, but you can and should STAY FIT! 

Personally, at 42 (dang that sounds kinda old!), I have found one of the biggest differences physically speaking is that it seems to take a little longer to recover from “hard work”.  Still though I can, and DO, work out hard, I play hard, and I expect to stay FIT!  I will not just accept that I “have to go down hill physically just because I am getting older”.  **((another thing I need to mention is that as we get older we should focus more on proper WARMUPS particularly before Intense Exercise)) And neither should you.  Still to this day we have guys who brag on DT (from the today’s picture) for being able to literally wear younger guys out during workouts, despite being 20-40 years older!  

So no matter your age, choose to have the right Mindset concerning your healthChoose to watch your mouth and what you say about yourself, your physical ability, and your health.  Choose to take control of your health.  Yes you may have to be wiser about how you go about doing certain things, yet you still can make great strides!!  Ye baby!



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  1. amen! great post ( just turned 42). My youth is renewed like the eagles!!! Woo Hoo! Im not slowin down I just got started!

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