Is your “Purpose” Big enough?

floridakeysGB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

Max Rds in 10 min: 17 x squats, pushups, Leg Tucks

Check out this beautiful picture from the Florida Keys!  My beautiful wife and I took off on vacation last week from Wednesday through Saturday in the Keys.  This is actually the ocean right off the side of the road in one of the Keys, Islamorada.  People were just pulled off the side of the road and swimming, snorkeling, and fishing.  It looked so cool, we decided to do the same.  It was a pretty cool experience, along with the rest of the vacation.  We had a great time!

We had a great time with some friends of ours last night at our house.  Somehow we got in a discussion about “giving up” or “fasting” from certain things for a certain period of time.  One of our friends went on to tell us how she recently “fasted” from cola drinks for 40 days and it was very hard.  She said “if I didnt have a bigger purpose/reason, being God, for doing it, I would not have been able to accomplish my goal.”  Man now that is a mouth full, and so much a point we strive to “get into” everyone we coach here at God-Built: You have to have a big enough Purpose for doing what you are doing, that when it gets challenging, your Purpose will be a strong enough foundation to carry you through. 

For most of us, making God our Bigger Purpose for Improving our Health is important.  Wanting to look better, be stronger, feel better, lose weight, etc are all great reasons and motivators, but they usually are not SOLID enough to provide a foundation that will not crumble when the pressure hits.  Of course each person has to choose on their own what that BIGGER PURPOSE is for them.  Choose wisely!


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