When the “odds” are against you, how to keep on keeping on!

wout82GB DW (daily workout)

12 x squat, pushup, situp, walkn lunge, burpee

Max DB Swings in 4 minutes

This is Washaun Ealey doing some front squats with us here at GB this morning.  Washaun actually attendend my old highschool, ECI, played college football, and is now working his way into earning a spot on an NFL team.  He has a lot of “odds” against him, but he has chosen to “not give up”!  And we are blessed that we get to work with him and help him to get all that God-given talent out and perform at a maximum level.  We know that God has great things for him and are excited to be part of his journey.  Ye baby!

We all can learn from Washaun.  When we have a “dream” in our hearts, we should pursue it with all we have no matter what others say, no matter the past, and no matter what it may “look” like now.  And when I say “dream” that includes anything that is in your heart that you want to see in your health and life.  It could be simply losing 10 lbs, or being able to run again.  Whatever it is, trust that God is a good Daddy, and He wants to see you walk out your dreams in your life, just as much, and many times more than you actually do.  That is just how much HE loves you!  **Also realize that for most of us, yes we have many other responsibilites in our lives such that most of the time we can’t, and shouldn’t, just walk away from those important responsibilities.  We can take care of the things we should continue to take care of, and at the same time ask the Lord that lives in us to give us the Wisdom on how to properly pursue our dream/s.  And then KNOW that He will, then choose to follow His plan for success.


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