EMOTIONS – when they can be a Fringe Benefit for your Health

backyardcamp5GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 8

4-6 rds: 20 Wlunge, 20 Xcrunch

This is one of my favorite pictures.  Me and my little man (several years ago) doing some camping in the back yard.  And that old school Coleman lantern was a gift from one of my best buddies in the world!!  Super Cool stuff!

EMOTIONS– Remember God gave us emotions, for us to have them, not for “them to have us”!!  Emotions are great, when they make us feel good.  And sometimes they just flat out suck.  Either way though, they are extremely poor Leaders.  You have to be led by the Spirit of God inside of you.  That is your leader.  That is the true foundation that will tell you and remind you of who you really are and the Power inside you through Jesus Christ.  You can not and must not rely on your emotions to lead you.  It will be a pretty miserable roller coaster ride. 

*And remember for every emotion you have their is a direct physiological / hormonal response in the body.  And as you can guess, for the “bad” emotions, in most cases it is going to be a “not favorable” hormonal response that is harmful to the body.  ON the other hand though, with the “good” emotions there comes those “Good” and sometimes “Great” hormonal responses.  So you be determined to NOT LET EMOTIONS have you!  And you be determined to be led by God’s Love, and Christ In you.  Then the good emotions will come as a FRINGE BENEFIT!



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