6 Easy Principles for Health & Life Success

fireplacefamilyGB DWs

Choose 1-2 for Weekend

1. Walk/Run/Bike 10+ min

2. 5, 10, 15, 20, …..

Pushup Leg Tuck, Squat  *do 5 pushup leg tucks then 5 squats.  Then do 10 0f each, 15 of each, and so on increasing by 5 reps each time.  Go as far as you “choose to”. 

With all the recent “cooler” weather, I thought this pic would be a good one for your weekend.  So enjoy your weekend, relax, and have Fun!  Remember these health and life principles:

STOP STRESSING!  You do not have to stress.  Yes there is and will always be plenty opportunity to stress, but you can handle all things needed without stressing.  (yep I know I am working on this one too.)

Get MOVING.  It does not have to be complex.  You do not have to join a gym.  Just choose to be Movement Minded.  Walk some during the day.  Run to the mailbox and back.  Do some squats while watching tv.  Park in the back of the parking lot.  And if do some GB DWs!

Control FOOD.  As with Exercise: It does not have to be complicated.  Cut back on all your portions.  Drink mostly water.  Cut back on refined grains.  Eat some good ole “whole” veggies and fruits.

Use your MIND to think the right thoughts.  Your mind is a tool given to you by God so that you can use it (one of your tools) to think the right thoughts and to tell the body what to do.  If you dont take control of your Mind and tell it what to think, it will just “think” whatever comes along.  And that aint good!

Use your Mouth to speak and declare good things.  Your mouth is another one of those powerful Tools that God gave you to use to bring about and literally cause His best to come to pass in your health and your life.  So speak Wisely!

BE THANKFUL.  Yep I know I say this one a lot, and will keep on saying it.  SO AGAIN BE THANKFUL!

Have a great weekend and realize that God does Love you.  And that is it!  He has great things for you, and through Christ Jesus, He has empowered you to WIN, and in fact because of Christ you have already WON!  So get happy happy happy!


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