Looks like “no progress”? What do you do?!

cj7yellow5GB DW (daily workout)

20 x Bridge, SuperCrunch, Superman on ball, Squat

3 x Max reps Pushups (do as many as you can without stopping), 1 minute rest between sets.

100 / 150 Squats for Fastest time.

This is the most recent photo of one of my CJ projects.  This has been a pretty long project on this cj7, and I am truly right near the “end” or “finished” stage!  There is only a few things left to do so I have to be patient and make sure I stay focused on finishing.  I have to be careful, just like anyone else in any other life “project” and not get frustrated and just give up right before I get to see the FRUITS OF MY LABOR!

I will be flat out honest with you about this project.  It has taken a lot longer than I thought, and it has taken a good bit more effort than I planned.  Heck just recently I sent out messages here on godbuilt.com and on facebook about how I was literally almost finished.  And I had 2-3 more issues that came up that I am now dealing with to get fixed. I have thought many times that I should not have even started.    I have thought about giving up.  I have gotten very discouraged about how long it has taken and the effort it has taken.  In all this I constantly have to remind myself to go back to my original vision / dream of what I wanted and expected.  And I remind myself that if I do give up now, I will regret it for sure, especially now since I am literally knocking on the door of that final breakthrough to be finished! 

All of us can relate to this I am sure.  And many of us can specifically relate to this as it concerns our health / fitness.  We all have set out with big dreams and visions of better health, and ended up giving up because of all the frustration and lack of “seeing the benefits, or results”.  Well I believe in every situation, if you are taking consistent “correct” actions towards improvement, then you are making progress no matter what it may look like.  And many times without realizing it, just when you give up, you were actually right at a big “breakthrough” point.  But since you gave up, you never knew just how close you were.  And again we all have been there!  So remind yourself to NEVER EVER GIVE UP.  No matter what it looks like, feels like, and no matter how long it has taken.  NEVER GIVE UP.  Keep on keeping on.  Keep on EXPECTING, keep on DOING THE CORRECT THINGS, and keep yourself “Seeing” and “Remembering” that VISION or DREAM! 


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