Very Valuable Tool for your Diet!

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1,2,3,4,… Squat, Pushup, Situp, Burpee for 7 Minutes

*Do 1 rep of each exercise, then 2 reps, then 3 reps, and so on for 7 Minutes.

Here is a picture AGAIN of some of my favorite NUTRITION BARS.  I know that I post “nutrition bar” pics pretty often here on, and it is because I believe it is important to keep reminding you of how VALUABLE a “good QUALITY” Nutrition Bar can be to you in your efforts to improve your health. 

Nutrition Bars are not the answer to better health, but they can be a great Valuable tool.  They are convenient and that is one of the biggest issues for most when it comes to making healthier “Diet” choices.  Yes many nutrition bars are no better than just eating a regular ole candy bar, but there are many brands out there that actually do make some pretty good quality bars.  Here again are my 2 favorite brands:

Clif Bars and Kind Bars.  Clif “mojo” and “organic” are the 2 clif brands I like the most and they come in several different flavors.  Kind “Nuts & Spices” are my new favorites now as they are very tasty plus only have 5 grms of sugar per bar.  So that is very good. 

No you do not have to ever eat Nutrition Bars to have a great healthy Eating plan.  No Nutrition Bars can not take the place of whole unprocessed foods.  Yes Nutrition Bars can be a valuable tool if you find the healthier ones, and you keep them handy.  So if you want a simple and effective Nutrition tool that can be very valuable in health/fitness improvement, start using high quality Nutrition Bars in your everyday eating plan. 


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