Do you need more Exercise if you “labor” at Work?

IMG_5057GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 20

50 Walkn Lunge, 50 Pushup Leg Tuck

Now this is truly one of my favorite pics in the whole world.  Me, my 2 little men, and our John Deere 4020, riding around on the Johnson’s Farm!  My “Papa” bought this tractor in 1968, and it has some hard long hours on it, many of which I personally put on it!  Good stuff!

Speaking about some “hard, long hours”, if you work a job that requires “Manual Labor” for a good portion of the day, then you likely do not need any extra Exercise.  If you will simply be WISE about your Nutrition, you likely will be pretty healthy just by doing your normal work, and eating healthy.  For most of us though, our normal jobs do not require much Physical Work, EXERCISE, at all.  And that is when it is more important to find a way to get more physical movement in during the day.  Here is a short list of things you can choose from that are more “normal” activities:

Walk during lunch break; Cut the grass (counts more of course with a push mower!); any other yard work; Play with the kids; take the stairs at work; family walk / bike after work; swim; park in the back of the parking lot at work; run to the mailbox and back; etc.  All of these add up and can really help out with improving your health and bodyfat loss when you MOVE consistently during the week.  So as we have talked about many times, you dont have to join a gym and do “workouts”, but you do need to simply MOVE!  Start NOW and just do SOMETHING TODAY!  *(If you already are MOVING, then great just keep it up!)


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