Do you RUN, or plan to RUN? Read this first!

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For 10+ Minutes: Walk 1 Min, Run 1 Min

This is a pic of Joshua Paul Sprinting up a hill in our neighborhood that I posted up a while back.  I thought it was appropriate to post it up again since we will be talking about RUNNING today!

I started fitness & sports performance training / coaching back in 1996.  Over these past 19 years, I have talked with, observed, coached, and “tried” to coach many “runners”.  Now as far as Running goes, my specialty is “Power/Speed Training”, not Distance training.  Still though I have been blessed to help many “distance” runners over the years to run better.  And at the same time I have been frustrated over these past 19 years with many distance runners! 

Now again, I am no Expert in the field of Distance running or what many call LSD (long slow distance) running.  What I have learned over the years though is that no matter the speed, TECHNIQUE is critical for Effeciency, Performance, and LONGEVITY!  And when I say Longevity I am referring to the ability to RUN for a long time, as in years, without overtraining and with minimum or no overuse injuries.  *(and of course programming plays a vital role also in getting results and having running longevity.)  And trying to get this point across to many “runners” over the years has been the thing that has frustrated me often. 

The majority of Runners I have encountered over the years usually have a mindset of 2 main things: 1. If I want to get in shape and get better at running I simply need to RUN.  2.  And as I RUN, I need to keep increasing my volume.  Now this is a recipe for disaster.  And unfortunately over the years I have seen many people end up injured, frustrated, losing no weight, and eventually quit running.  And I no if this frustrates me then it has to be even more frustrating to the “runners”. 

The SOLUTION: First let me say that Running is just like any other human movement in that there is a correct way to do it.  There will always be room for improvement in overall mechanics just like with any other movement or sport, and at the same time you dont have to be too overly technical to have good solid running technique.  So the #1 solution to being able to RUN with effeciency and to RUN with decreased chance of INJURY is simply to learn how to RUN CORRECTLY!  Then #2 you must GET IN SHAPE TO RUN (read the next paragraph to see where i got this from), and you can do this while you are LEARNING TO RUN!  Wow, now that is probably totally backwards to what you and most others likely think.  But it is what I believe to be the truth.

I decided that I would write up a post about this topic this past weekend in Chicago.  I met a “Runner” who had recently run a marathon and in just a little while I gathered that he was a “successful” runner.  He made a statement that just jumped out at me.  He said that he had a trainer helping him with his running so he could make sure he was doing everything correctly (smart man).  He said his trainer told him: “YOU DON’T RUN TO GET IN SHAPE.  YOU GET IN SHAPE TO RUN.”  Wow what a statement.  This is what I am talking about.  Most people approach Running backwards.  And it usually does not end up good for them.  I understand that you may not have the time, and or are not willing to take the time to get a lot of RUNNING TECHNIQUE training, and that is fine. At the same time though I highly encourage you to take time to allow someone who “knows what they are talking about” to help you to RUN Correctly.  And take the time to GET IN SHAPE TO RUN! 


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