Exercise with the Most BANG for your Buck!

wout27GB DW (daily workout)

15 x Squat, Pushup, Leg Tuck.

Max Burpees n 3/5 minutes

This is just a super cool pic to me of 2 GB youth athletes doing some Burpee Box Jumps.  As a trainer / coach and as someone who likes to be “EFFECIENT” in my own personal fitness workouts, I love Burpees.  No I dont always “love” them when I am doing them, but yes I do love the fact that they are super Effecient.  They require little space, and NO EQUIPMENT.  You cant get much better than that.

Here is a short list of some of the benefits from Burpees:

Upper Body Strength; Lower Body Strength; Core Strength; Hip Mobility; Athletic movement; Coordination; Muscular Endurance; Cardiovascular Endurance

You do not ever have to do Burpees in order to be in great shape.  At the same time though they are one of the absolute Best Exercises/Movements that you can do that will produce the most benefit while requiring little space and No Equipment!  More Bang for your buck so to speak.


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