TECHNIQUE: How important is it really?

woutsamjackGB DW (daily workout)

Run/Walk/JRope/ Bike/ Row for 7+ minutes

This is a great pic of 2 GB Trainers working out a while back, Sam & Jack.  Actually neither of them are currently coaching here at our GB Carrollton location, but I know that they are carrying out there “GB coaching” whereever they are!  I am using them today as examples for 1 main reason: EXERCISE TECHNIQUE.

Correct” Exercise Technique is very important to focus on if you are going to get the best results and be able to maintain a Consistent level of Exercise Intensity for long term with the least Risk of Injury.  And these 2, Jack & Sam did it right.  They both focused, and still do I am sure, on getting The Technique correct with all their Exercises.  They made a choice to not allow their desire to move heavier weights, to perform reps faster, and or to perform work faster override their focus on doing the Exercises correctly.  And they have been rewarded greatly for their diligence.

Both Jack and Sam have become extremely Strong, Powerful, and Fit.  They were patient when they didnt have to be.  They could have discarded TECHNIQUE focus and increased their Intensity faster, but they would have not gotten to where they are now if they had done so.  See, just like in most other things in life, you can take short cuts and get somewhere faster, but sooner or later those short cuts will catch up with.  And with Exercise, what happens when you take short cuts and avoid Technique focus, you can make faster gains but you put a shorter “ceiling” on yourself overall.  And not to mention you INCREASE YOUR RISK OF INJURY big time. 

All this is to simply say: FOCUS ON GOOD / PROPER EXERCISE TECHNIQUE.  Yes it takes more time but the PAY OFF is well worth it.  And you will see much greater Results & Rewards when you DO IT RIGHT!


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