WebMD Top 7 Exercises.

groupwoutGB DW

3 Min Walk/Run

Max Rounds in 5+ minutes:

10 x squat, Pushup, Lunge, BO Row, Crunches

I just googled “most effective exercises” as I have done many times over the years.  One of the top hits that came up, and I read, was from WebMD and their top 7 Best Exercises recommended by “experts“.  **(After you read below, you will see our GB DW is in honor of the WebMD Top 7.)  Now to my best understanding they picked these “7” Exercises based off of ease of use (simplicity) and overall effectiveness.  So here are their Top 7, and short reasons why they choose these (as best as I can remember as to what they said):

1. Walking – Anyone can do it.  Takes no equipment.  Can easily add distance, speed, intensity. 

2. Interval Training– seems like they referred mostly to doing “intervals” with cardio type movements.

3.Squats, 4.Lunges – Both require lots of muscles and energy to perform.  More “bang for your buck” so to speak.

5.Pushups – Not only requires good shoulders, chest, and arms, because of position it requires a lot of work from Core.  And easily modifiable for anyone.

6.Crunches– Simple to do.  Effective

7. Bent Over Rows– very effective

 And of course they stressed the importance of “Technique” / FORM: “The trouble is that poor form can change the whole exercise, putting emphasis or even strain on different areas than intended. This can hurt, rather than help you.”

K.J.’s Assessment – First of all these people are the “experts”, so I am in no way saying my “opinion” would trump their’s.  It seems that the “strengthening” exercises they chose were simply to try to meet an overall body working critereon of: legs (squats, lunges), “abs” (crunches, upper body pushing (pushups), upper body pulling (bo rows).  And I think that is very good.  So all in all I like it.  I think they did a very good job of simplifying something that some make so complex.  And maybe now as more people may see this from WebMD, it may stimulate them to do some of these exercises on a consistent basis.

The main thing as always when it comes to Exercise is to MOVE!  Keep it as Simple as you need and want it to be.  At the same time, if you want, make it as Complex as it can be if that motivates you.  Learn how to do the Movements / Exercises correctly, and just do them.  Ye baby!


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