JP’s 10th Birthday. Family Walk. Cj Ride!

cj7jpGB DW (daily workout)

10 reps x all Exercises – Squats, Pushup, Situp, Burpee, Xcrunch, Lunge, Power Clean, Squat Press, Burpee, Overhead WLunge

Check out Joshua Paul in the big CJ7 this morning.  Today is my little man’s 10th BIRTHDAY!  We were taking the boys to school this morning.  LeAnne was driving the “new” 4 door Jeep, and of course I was driving the “old” cj.  JP says “I want to ride with dad in his jeep”.  I love it.  And oh yeh, in case you noticed all the “10s” in the workout today (10 exercises x 10 reps each), this is in celebration of my man’s 10th!  Ye baby!

Also, this morning, the Carrollton City schools were having a “Walk n Roll” for school.  It is a health initiative I believe to get families active.  We met at a point on the Green Belt, and from there walked, and biked to school with a lot of other kids, parents, and Lucy.  It was very neat and a great idea by the school.

I am not much for “walking” but this morning was fun and just a great idea to get more people moving.  So I say great job Carrollton City Schools for doing something to encourage families to be active together.  And for all of us, let us remember how much Fun, and Healthy it is to MOVE as a family. 

**For me and my family, I have to admit LeAnne is more of the initiator with this kind of thing.  She does a much better job of finding “active” stuff for us to do together.  She is just better at always trying to create fun and memories for our family.  Heck she is just better at a lot of stuff than I am.  I am not regretful though.  I am THANKFUL!  Thankful to have a wonderful wife, a true Proverbs 31 woman.  And I encourage you to creat Fun memories with your family, and make some or many of those “active”! 


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