Let me share my heart with you. And maybe help you!

wout86GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

Max Pushup DB Rows in 4 minutes

Check out some of our GB members doing some “Running” drills at our lunch group SuperFit workout today!  We did about 10 minutes of “speed, agility” drills and I think it was more than they expected as far as energy required!  Good stuff Team GB.

Remember this: DON’T GIVE UP.  DON’T EVER GIVE UP.  I remember just a few years back when my dad got sick and ended up going on to be with The Lord.  I still remember like it was yesterday.  My sister called me very early on a monday morning while I was training one of our 6 am morning workout groups.  I usually would not answer the phone but when I saw her number I knew it was very likely important.  Anyway she went on to tell me that our dad had been life flighted to a hospital and it didnt look good.  Long story short, he was walking around one day as a seemingly average healthy man, and 4 days later he was dead. 

The whole time from that early morning phone call right up until after his death, I would not give up.  It looked bad from the beginning and quickly just got bleaker and bleaker as far as what it looked like, but I would not accept anything but my dad getting up out of that hospital bed, fully recovered, and back home with his family where he belonged.  Well it did not happen that way.  I stood strong, I stood on God’s Word.  I prayed over him, I spoke scriptures over him.  I kept encouraging the family.  Yes I constantly had thousands of thoughts coming to me about defeat and death, but I would quickly “take charge of those thoughts”, and replace them with thoughts and words of God’s Love, His healing, and the price that Jesus Christ has paid for my dad.  And after 4 days of serious battling (it seemed like weeks), standing, and refusing to not give up, my dad died.  I remember the doctor coming out and telling us “I am sorry, but he is gone”.  I immediately said NO!!  I busted pass the doctor and his staff, marched right into my dad’s room and said “NO!  I will not accept this!  You get up now in the Name of Jesus!”  And I would not give up. I would not accept what I saw.  This went on for a few minutes I guess.  And i am sure the whole hospital thought I was crazy but dangit I did not care what anyone thought.  I knew it was not God’s will for my dad to die like that, and I knew it was no need for it.  My family comes in and they start trying to get me to stop.  I guess they too thought I was crazy and maybe just acting out of emotions.  But I wasnt acting out of emotions.  My emotions and thoughts were urging me to give up and just accept it.  Well again, long story short, he didnt get up from that bed.  Now yes I know that the real he, my dad’s spirit did rise up from that bed, and he immediately went on to be with the Lord, and in that he and our family have the victory!

My whole point with this is #1 to simply share my heart with you, and #2 to use this as an example.  I did not give up no matter what the circumstances looked like.  Even when death did come, literally, I just refused to accept it.  Now you may say what good did that do you or anyone else since he did actually die?  Well I asked myself that same question for a while.  I was pretty shaken up for a while too.  I knew, and I still know, that God did not “take him”.  No he got sick, and he died.  It was not God’s best.  why in the heck would God take my dad when it caused so much pain and sorrow in my family.  That is not God.  Now again, I believe 100% that through our prayers of Faith, God can and will use that circumstance for our good.  Again though that in no way means it was His perfect will.  

Now back to the question: What good did all that “standing, praying, thinking, speaking, Not giving up” do?  Well one thing is I am settled that at the time I did all I could do.  I did my best.  I know it wasnt on me.  I know he didnt die because I did not have enough faith.  It happened, and at that point, and that time, I did my best.  I did not give up.  Now I have a lot to learn and a long ways to go.  I slack off sometimes.  I mess up.  I dont pursue God enough sometimes.  I am not the best husband I can be many times.  I mess up as a dad, a lot.  But I refuse to give up from what I know is God’s best for me, my family, and through me and my family for the Kingdom of God.  And I encourage you to be intent on not giving up in your life, as it concerns any and every area of your life.  Never stop expecting God’s best for you in your health and every part of your life.  Never stop dreaming.  Never stop working towards walking out all that He has for you and through you.  No matter how many times you may seemingly get knocked down, no matter how many times you “mess up”, DONT STOP!  He Love you!


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