KEEP MOMENTUM with just a little Effort!

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Choose 1-2 for Weekend

Movement Stretches x 10 before each workout

1. 10, 15, 20, 25 reps x DB swing, XCrunch (do 10 reps of each, then 15, then 20, then 25.)

2. 10 x 100 yd sprint- Reps 1-2 @50%, 3-4 @ 75%, 5-10 @ 90% Rest 1-2 minutes between sprints

Here is an awesome picture to me of my family enjoying our outdoor kitchen and a fire.  We plan to be doing some more “fire enjoying” this weekend in our outdoor kitchen.  We have family coming up from Garfield for Joshua Paul’s big 10th BDay celebration!  So we gonna have some FUN!  Ye baby!

I was somewhere this week and got into a short conversation about how many of us have good intentions and actually do pretty good during the first part of the week, but towards the end of the week we may slack off.  And generally the thought is, “Well I will start back on it full force on monday”.  We all have done it.  Here is the thing about that.  That is a dangerous trap and can cause you to end up in a “Non-Productive” cycle.  I know we can go on and on about that, blah blah blah, So I wont!  I will just say this simple thing:

Just do 1 simple thing to keep some momentum going towards the end of the week and during the weekend.  Here are a few simple examples:

Nutrition- eat 1 good healthy meal during the day.  Or cut way back on your quantity for 1 meal during each day.

Exercise- Just do something for like 1 minute!  Do 20 squats, or 25 pushups, or Run for 200 yds. 

Work- Just work on that “project” for 5 minutes.

These are very simple examples and they may not seem like they could actually do much good for you, but that is wrong.  They can do wonders simply because they help you to keep MOMENTUM going forward.  Even if it is not near the amount of effort you have put in and or think you should put in, it is something.  And then when Monday comes around, you will have MOMENTUM still going, and be much better off.  So just get on it dog’on it!  (yep, preaching to myself here too!)


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