“Improvise” and overcome like DB!

dbskatingGB DW (daily workout)

3 Min: Jog/Run n Place/ Jrope

1 Min max reps of each: Squats, Pushups, Situps

Check out David Ben “improvising” at the skating rink this past Saturday.  It was Joshua Paul’s 10th Birthday party and David Ben decided he wanted to skate but quickly figured out he didnt like falling, so he improvised!  I love it.

This is a good lesson for all of us.  Many times we know what we should or could be doing, but because it “seems” too hard and or something that we can not do, we just do not even try.  And even though I know he could, David Ben thought he could not skate because he fell the first few times he tried.  He decided to find another way to still have fun and enjoy the party like all the other kids.  And this is the way we need to be many times in our lives.  

It does not always have to look the same as what everyone else is doing.  It does not have to be anywhere close to the same.  Just get moving, and get to doing.  It is a lot like with our group workouts here at God-Built.  Many people come in and “see” what we are doing and or “try” it and they get overwhelmed.  They think they have to do what everyone else is doing, and this is far from the truth.  Our main thing is just get here and do something.  We will help you “modify” or “improvise” in order to move AT YOUR LEVEL and to get fit! 

So take a lesson from David Ben.  If you do not want to do what everyone else is doing, but you still want to be involved, then find a way to improvise / modify, and just do it.  David Ben never put those skates on his feet again and tried to skate “normal” like all the other kids.  Guess what though: He STILL SKATED AND HAD A BIG TIME!!



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