Focus on this = Health Improvements made easier

wout87GB DW (daily workout)

16 reps each: Walkn Lunge, Pushup, Pushup Leg Tuck

15, 10, 5- 1 Arm overhead Walkn Lunge.  *Do 15 rt arm overhead lunges, then 15 lft arm overhead lunges.  Then d0 10 of each, 5 of each.

This young man in the picture has been working with us here at God-Built for Tennis Performance for several years now.  We have seen him make tremendous strides in his overal Strength, Power, Agility, Speed, and sport specific Endurance.  Most importantly as it concerns physical improvements, he has done extremely well in Tennis.  We are very excited for this young GB Athlete for several reasons: How hard he works every workout; how committed he is in school; what he has accomplished in his sport of Tennis; And mostly because of how he lets the love of God reign in his life.

When it comes to who we are and what we do here at God-Built, we want everyone to know that our biggest delight is not in how much improvement they make in their health.  Our biggest delight is when we see people understand more and more THE LOVE OF GOD and therefore WHO THEY ARE IN CHRIST.  And what we have discovered is that as people understand God’s very personal Love for them more and more, the “health improvement” part comes much easier!  Ye baby!


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