Lesson from Papa: How to build great Momentum for tomorrow!

boyspeanutfieldGB DW (daily workout)

18 x squats, pushups, supercrunches, walkn lunges

1-3 rds of: 1 Min max rep Walkn Lunge, 1 Min max rep Burpees.  No rest between exercises or rounds

This is a cool pic from 1-2 years ago down in Garfield.  We went out to watch Uncle Eric pick peanuts.  And I thought this would be a very time appropriate picture since it is getting close to peanut picking time!  Good stuff.

You know, speaking of “Time Appropriate” stuff, it is always “time appropriate” to focus on improving your health!!  One of the worst things me and you can do is to “put off till tomorrow what we can easily do today”!  (dang I just stepped on my own toes)  And with the picture today reminding me of Garfield, I am very quickly reminded by of Papa.  

Papa was one who lived by this quote.  He always had the mindset to get things done, and get them done absolutely as soon as possible.  And over the years growing up I heard a lot of fussing about “Papa” and his mindset because he pushed so hard.  He didnt ask opinions, he didnt care what others thought about the situation, he simply chose to get done the things he wanted to get done and the things that needed to get done.  And if you didnt agree, just get your butt out of the way.  It still amazes me to think back at how he lived this way and how he just literally “always got it done“. 

So today’s lesson is for me and you to learn from Papa: Dont wait till tomorrow to do what you can do today.  And stop asking others opinions and stop looking for the quick fixes.   Remember when it comes to health, and every other area of life, it all starts by SIMPLY  doing the SIMPLE things!  Do 1 Simple thing today to move forward in your Health.  And you will have great momentum for tomorrow.  Ye baby!  Get on it dog’on it!


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