2 of the Most Simple & Effective Nutrition Keys

fruitsveggieboxGB DW (daily workout)

4 Min- Run n place, Jog, JRope, Row

4 Min- Max Rds of 14 Pushups, 14 Situps

This is a good picture of some good quality Foods.  And keeping “good quality Foods” at your house is the topic for the day.

At the Johnson’s we admittedly do not always keep an abundant supply of fresh fruits and veggies.  We usually have some type of chips and sugar type snacks in our cabinets for the boys.  And I am sure there are several other things you could find in our cabinets and refridgerator that are not the best foods as far as quality.  At the same time though we try to stay on top of keeping “better quality” foods available, and limit the “poorer” quality foods.  So we do a decent job with nutrition in our house overall.  Sometimes we do better than other times, but again we do what I believe is a pretty good job overall.  **(and much thanks to my wonderful beautiful wife for making this happen!) 

Now on this note, 2 of the biggest keys in improving your health through better Nutrition is:

1. Keep High Quality Foods / Snacks readily available at home and at work.

2. Keeping the “poorer” Quality foods / snacks to a minimum at home and at work.  *Basically Do Not have them available.  Do Not bring them into your house.

Now on #1, this is simple in that when you have the higher quality foods “AVAILABLE” you are more likely to eat them.  And on #2, when you DO NOT have the poorer quality foods available, you are less likely to eat them! 

I know this sounds so simple that it may seem ridiculous that I am even talking about it, but we all need to remind ourselves of these purely Simple things that are extremely Effective!  And as you Choose to follow these Simple 2 Keys, over time you will create a habit of stocking the house with HIGH QUALITY FOODS, and keeping the Poorer quality stuff out!  And always be realistic with yourself.  If you know there is a food/s that you will not resist, and you know it will only hurt you in your desire to reach your Health Goals, then do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT BRING IT INTO YOUR HOUSE! 

**Please realize here too that no matter what you try to do as far as your best towards Improving your health, you can not control everything around you.  Therefore there will always be some wonderful opportunities for great Excuses!  For example, you can not blame the restaurant for having foods that you think you cant resist on their menu.  And if you give into the temptation you can’t leave there BLAMING them for your actions.  If your spouse doesnt agree with you on what should or should not be in the house as far as food, you cant blame them if you eat something that you wish they did not bring into the house.  Yes having the right atmosphere helps definitely in most areas of life, but ultimately you control your choices, no matter what others do or dont do, and no matter what the circumstances are. 

Do the best you can to set yourself up for VICTORY.  And what you can not control, dont give it a second thought as far as having any influence over you and your victory.  Because those “uncontrollable” circumstances can only determine your outcome if you “ALLOW” them to.  Nuff said!


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