Basic or Intense Fitness Training. You Choose!

wout62GB DWs

Choose 1-2 for Weekend:

1. Fast Walk / Run / Bike for 10+ Minutes

2. 50 / 100 x all: Pushups, Squats, Leg Tucks

This is just a super cool pic to me, so I thought it would be a good one for the Weekend!  The young men are putting some serious “Force through the ground” in order to train there bodies to MOVE FASTER!  Good stuff.

I tell our GB Athletes all the time that to “just do the movements” that we require of them is worth something, particularly for general fitness improvements.  For example, to just perform Sled Pulls can help them to gain some power, and muscular endurance.  If they perform Olympic lifts with some focus and intensity, they are going to see some improvements in their overall fitness and health.  For athletes though, with a specific “sport performance goal”, to improve their overall fitness and health is not their #1 focus or goal.  It is just a by product of doing the Work required to maximize their Sports Performance.  So we really dial in on them that they have to be SUPER FOCUSED and INTENSE with their movements in order to get Maximum Results to show up in their specific Sport Performance! 

If you are looking for general fitness and health improvements then you can be pretty general with your Exercise and your Nutrition.  The more specific Goals you have though, the more specific and INTENTFUL you are going to need to be with your Exercise and Nutrition.  Also, the faster you want to see improvements, the more important the focus and intensity become.  

My main point here is that if you want to make some pretty specific and quick fitness / health Improvements, you are going to have to have more focus and Intensity with your Exericse, Nutrition, your Words and your Thoughts!  If you dont want to be very focused and Intense then that is fine.  Simply keep it basic, and do the “basics” on a Consistent basis!


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