How to fight through the roller coaster of Emotions and Win!

cj7yellow6GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 10

11,9,7,….1 Squat Jump, DB Swing, Situp  *Do 11 reps of each, then 9, then 7, and so on until you finish with 1 rep of each

Check out the big CJ7 Laredo.  I just thought this pic was cool so I wanted to post it up today and share it with you.  And I am soaking up my limited time with this one as it is now officially FOR SALE! 

This CJ project has been a year and half long now.  During this time I had a whole lot of different emotions: Excitement, Sorrow, more excitement, anger, sadness, doubt, excitement, sadness, and more excitement.  And this “roller coaster” of emotions is what we all experience to some degree when we are in the midst of accomplishing our Goals in health and life.  One of the most important lessons for all of us is that WE DO NOT LET EMOTIONS STEER OUR LIVES!  Emotions are poor leaders.  “We are supposed to have emotions, and not let emotions have us.”  If we let emotions steer our lives, it will be a very rough, and mostly non productive one. 

During this whole process, I did want to quit many times.  I was highly tempted several times actually.  I knew though, that my vision from the beginning of what I wanted could happen and it would be well worth the time and money invested if I would simply stick it out!  There were many times of course that it was hard to see that original Vision, the end result I wanted, because of all the Adversity I faced in the process.  Thank God I perservered through, because she turned out to be  a “mean mochine”!!  I have built several cj jeeps over the years and this one is by far the nicest yet! 

I expect that this process that I went through will serve as an encouragement to you to KEEP GOING!  Dont ever Give Up. The investment is more than worth it because of the Great Return you get.  Keep Seeing it.  Keep Believing it.  Keep On It!  Stay on it dog’on it!


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