How to make Nutrition “not so hard”.

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50 / 100 Squats, Pushups

Check out one of my favorite Meals!  This a specialty that LeAnne starting making several years ago, and we have it many times on our date nights.  It is basically: Shrimp, Basmati Rice, mix of peppers, onions, carrots, small tomatoes.  It is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS and I would say pretty Nutritious.  And of course we like to add a side of Avocado to it. (you know how much I love Avocado!)

Nutrition is a Key to taking control of your health.  Consistent, Good Quality Nutrition helps you to heal, produce energy, get stronger, think better, feel better, lose weight / bodyfat, gain muscle, and a whole host of other great things.  Remember though, you do not have to be “Perfect” with Nutrition.  You do not have to “make it hard”.  And you should not make it hard.  Make sure you SEE making good Nutritional changes in the right light.  If you See it as being a hard and burdensome thing, then that is most likely what it will be.  Instead see it as something that is not going to be such a big deal as far as your effort, but yes a big deal as far as the results you will reap from it. 


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