1 Common Denominator for the GB Success Stories

wout57GB DW (daily workout)

Movement Stretches x 9

30 / 60 reps of all for Fastest Time: BB/DB Squat Press, Situps, Leg Tucks

Check out some of our GB members doing some wall balls and wall ball situps during one of our SuperFit workouts.  Great work Team GB!

Over the years, I have seen many success stories.  The for sure 1 Common Denominator for all the success stories is this: CONSISTENCY.  They simply chose to “keep going” and to “Never Give Up”.  Some of them saw quick Results, some it took longer to see Visible Results, and others it took quite a long time.  They all stayed Consistent though no matter what came up.  And the fact that they did succeed, and are still committed to a “healthy” lifestyle, has nothing to do with them not facing adversity. 

They faced adversity just like the rest of us do.  On some level I will assure you each one of them faced some or all of the following: physical pain from workout soreness; fatigue; thoughts of not wanting to workout; feelings of not “being able to” workout; family situations; work situations; much stress; lack of desire to keep plugging away with good exercise and nutrition actions; much desire to “give in” to the “easy way”; and on and on.  Yet even though they faced the same things others have and do, they made a choice to KEEP GOING.  And for them it has paid off.  So I encourage you to be determined.  If you are not currently making positive strides towards taking control of your health, then GET STARTED.  And either way, once you get going, KEEP GOING.  Keep Expecting great things.  We all know adversity comes, but SO WHAT!  Thats just life. 

Make your life and your health happen the way you want it to.  No you are not going to be perfect.  Yes it is probably going to be tough.  Yes it is going to take work.  Yes “life happens” sometimes, but dont let that stop you from living out God’s best in your health and life!  Get on it dog’on it!


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